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Creative, out of the box solutions to trust and verify.

Your Creative Solutions is the company-form of Wouter Slegers.

The range of technical services is is large and is best simplified to: helping in making convincing arguments why a product/system/procedure is secure to third parties. Often these third parties that need convincing are Common Criteria evaluators or certifiers, or accreditors in government organizations, financial institutes or military.

Currently I am most in demand with three groups in the Common Criteria domain:

  • The beginning developers, evaluators and certifiers ask for help them start up efficiently, avoiding costly learning mistakes and thereby quickly getting up to speed. Often this is in the form of courses, workshops and/or consultancy.
  • The expert developers, evaluators and certifiers who need another expert specialist's knowledge or approach. This is most of the time in the form of a blended consultancy/on-the-job-training approach.
  • Developers seeking more certifier capacity with stricter response times within the Dutch CC scheme (NSCIB). I am one of the two a commercial CC certifiers (the other is Denise Cater). These are most often smartcard and related devices, or the thoroughly non-standard ones, because of my background.

Next to this technical work, YCS also provides training, workshops and events in the softer side of authentic relating under the name of Authentic Europe. See there for the business offerings.

Regardless, if you think or wonder if I can help you, please contact me.