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Only people can earn trust, companies can only loose it.

Your Creative Solutions (YCS) is the company of Wouter Slegers. We think a company in the security domain always is (or should be) about the people, not the facade of the company. Nevertheless it is useful to understand the background of the company to get a feeling for what the people in it will do (and not do) for you. A pretty PDF version is available and we'll not repeat that here.

Wouter started YCS during his highschool (gymnasium) years with providing support on BBSes for companies, as well as performing the odd UNIX-job (at a time that Linux did not exist yet). During his university years, this migrated to more PC-related jobs such as setting up and maintaining the LAN of a small businesses, and later more R&D jobs such as a study for the improvement of the Dutch search engine and the security design of a web payment application. Ever since the start Your Creative Solutions has been the formal vehicle for Wouter's creativity, co-existing even during his work for the Dutch National Communication Security Agency (NLNCSA) and later the evaluation lab brightsight.

Now Wouter can focus fully on YCS again. More on Wouter's background and credentials can be found here.

In this domain keeping information to yourself is almost an instinct. This also holds for describing our customers and the work done for them. Nevertheless these customers have graciously allowed us to note their experiences with Your Creative Solutions:

  • MCH+ Hereward Burgers (co-founder of MCH+) had this to say about our services: "With the aid of Your Creative Solutions we could verify, and more important, improve our security standards and strategy."
  • GHL Jason Phua had this to say over our CC and security consultancy:
    Working with Mr. Slegers on this project has truly been a blessing. There are precious few people with his depth of domain expertise and we are truly fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with him. His knowledge, experience, and invaluable guidance helped us not just throughout the certification process, but also in gaining a better, more complete understanding of IT security.

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