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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Wouter Slegers has worked on all evaluation aspects of standardized evaluation methodologies (such as Common Criteria) and more free-form evaluations (such as certain national and payment scheme evaluations): as consultant to support customers in their (pre-)evaluation process, as evaluator to assess in a strict but fair manner whether the product meets the criteria and as deciding party based on external evaluation results. He has widely shared this knowledge as a trainer, presenter and consultant, striving to make the complex situations simple and actionable.

Much of this expertise was gained by hands-on work first at the Dutch National Communication Security Agency (NLNCSA) dealing with the protection of national and NATO secret information, and after that at the brightsight evaluation lab. As senior evaluator/consultant, Wouter was responsible or involved in many of the first-time and "challenging" projects.

His expertise and interest areas include the Common Criteria, high security and assurance devices such as smartcards, HSM, military applications, formal methods, formulation of policy and making methodology and in general any out-of-the-box applications of technologies. Fair warning: in some topics such as random number generators (RNGs), vulnerability analysis and cheating in computer games, he tends to get carried away.

Wouter currently has both EU and Dutch (Stg) clearance up to confidential. Previously he has held Dutch and NATO Top Secret clearances.

Look here for a more formal CV as PDF or look at Wouter's LinkedIn profile.

Wouter can be reached under his firstname, or on his mobile +31-6-24721971.

Foto of Wouter