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All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy

We sell our out-of-the-box thinking as services and products, so keeping us out of the box is important businesswise (or at least it is fun). Some of this is obviously commercially sensitive or otherwise not smart to share openly (improved/new attacks analyses for example). That still leaves other, hopefully fun and/or interesting items to tell though...

Mostly interesting R&D (but also fun)

Complexity of the Common Criteria

For the 10th International CC Conference, Wouter made an overview of the dependancies between the workunits of a generic smartcard-ish EAL4+ evaluation (if you do not understand this, don't worry, we training and workshops for this). Interestingly the dependencies really were as complex and convoluted as we thought but with smart tricks and good support one can reducre the complexity quite a bit. See also Wouter's talk ICCC10 summary.

Dependancies of the workunits in a CC EAL4+ evaluation

Mostly fun (but also interesting R&D aspects)

Lego solarcells

Even though Lego is primarily designed as a fun and educative toy for children, it makes for a fun and educative prototyping/modelling tool for adults also. BV was looking for a way to make the differences of solar cell technologies more accessable to the researchers and general public. We made demonstrators out of Lego to show the differences. Obviously we could not make it in scale, or the silicon base layer (dark grey) would have been meters high, but we are happy with the endresult. The models worked well in provoking discussions amongst the researchers bringing to light some differences in understanding (and we had to modify parts to avoid disclosure of sensitive details). The Lego solar cells ended up at ECN and as I understand it were a great succes at the open days there.

Lego model of solar cells


Especially Wouter is an avid gamer and in his copious spare time co-maintains a very popular set of COD2/4/5 gameservers called [BF]Marvin. YCS hosts the maps and part of the servers.

Analysis of the logs resulted in interesting results in modelling gamers' satisfaction and skill development (and crunching multi-GB datasets is an interestingly difficult activity), the countering of the cheating gave rise to a presentation that shows the ways one can cheat and what this means for computer security (very accessible training material be it for just security awareness to indepth discussions on network/PC security), but beyond all it provided good training for "group decision making in high stress situations".